Compadre Services
Compadre provide solutions on any kind of complex business challenges. Compadre offers following Services & Solutions

• Consulting Services
• Application Development
• Application Maintenance and Support
• Product Development

Compadre consulting services includes consulting for new development as well as consulting for restructuring existing applications, and integration with other systems.

Compadre Application Development services includes development of an application from scratch by following typical Software Development Life Cycle phases such as requirement gathering to end-to-end testing.

Compadre application development services also include development of small components which can be fitted into existing application or development of new systems which can be integrated into other systems.
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Compadre Application Maintenance and Support includes understanding business, components complexity of applications and provides the Maintenance support by using our technical expertise.

Compadre product development services include working with the vendors for development of new product, restructuring of existing product as per requirement. Compadre follow standard product development life cycle as part of their product development services.

The areas where Compadre provide all these services are:

• Mainframe / Legacy Systems
• Web applications
• Intranet applications, Client - Server applications